EI&C - Electrical Instrumentation and Control Engineering in Automation Technology

EI&C - Electrical Instrumentation and Control Engineering in Automation Technology

Efficient engineering of EI&C planning up to the Automation. Today, almost all technical equipment and systems in the industrial sector are integrated and interconnected to the electrical, instrumentation and control system.


How is EI&C defined?

Modern measurement and control Technology serves the task of autonomously monitoring complete operating processes of existing plant systems, such as HVAC systems and efficiently controlling their energy supply. Always with the target of regulating technical systems with a minimum energy, cost and operating effort, in such a way that an optimum degree of operational safety, economy and comfort is guaranteed.


DMT ENCOS uses all current software solutions on the market for EI&C planning

Electrical, measurement and control engineering as well as the automation of processes are essential components of the plant design and therefore include a large number of processes. In order to transfer data volumes as securely and reliably as possible, the individual planning disciplines must be integrated and executed in the best possible way. 

From electrical planning to the complete automation of entire plants:


  • Increased quality
  • Reduced effort
  • Higher productivity with a clear focus on your objectives


Our EI&C planning services at a glance:
  • Development of technical concepts including feasibility studies, basic and detailed planning
  • Cost estimation and project calculation
  • Specification and design of EI&C equipment and control systems
  • Preparation of specifications for installation and commissioning
  • SIL calculations and associated classification - Functional safety
  • Preparation of tender documents based on data and specifications from the end customer
  • Field device communication via fieldbus (Profibus), service bus and remote I/O including fiber optic transmission
  • Technical coordination & clarification with suppliers / contractors
  • Supervision of installation and support during commissioning
  • Confident with handling and relevant knowledge of the applicable technical standards and regulations
  • Updating of as-built plans and continuous follow-up
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management