Functional Safety

Functional Safety of machinery

When is a product classified as "safe" or "sufficiently safe"?

That depends on many different parameters, since a 100% security would practically be impractical. This risk, which is generally recognized as a valid residual risk, can result in different assessment standards.

The Definition of Functional Safety


“Functional safety” describes the part of system safety that is significantly dependent on the correct function of the safety-related control system as a distinction from other safety-relevant sub-areas. The risks that can arise for a user if technical safety devices, such as safety gate fuses, or emergency stop installations literally "fail" due to control errors, or are not capable of correctly performing the planned function even in an emergency, are among the topics that safety engineers deal with when machinery and systems have to comply with the valid guidelines.

The Machinery Directive (MRL 2006/42/EC), which specifies comprehensive requirements for machinery, is also worth mentioning. The basic compliance with safety and health protection requirements for each machine, both during manufacture and in subsequent operation (manufacturer / operator) are some of the topics described in detail in the above regulations.

It should also be mentioned that standards / technical rules can only describe a certain minimum level of safety. This level always depends individually on the operating conditions on site and in which safety-related interaction the systems are operated. In the event of an accident involving personal injury, the manufacturer or operator may nevertheless be exposed to a liability risk despite compliance with all relevant rules and standards.

Our Services at a glance:


  • Inspection of existing technical documents and plant descriptions
  • Assessment of the need for protection and the possible risks
  • Support in risk assessment and risk reduction within the framework of functional safety
  • Assistance at on-site assessment (optionally)

Your benefits:

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Target-oriented problem solving

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