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Petrochemical, Refinery, Oil & Gas Industry

  • Vent-gas recovery units
  • Heat recovery in refineries
  • Terminal facilities
  • Basic-/ detail engineering projects in refineries
  • Energy efficiency studies & projects
  • Revamps

Chemical Industry

  • Amine plants
  • Paraffin units
  • Solid material production units
  • Plant with organic chemicals
  • Hydrogenation units
  • Ethylene oxide plants
  • Catalyst carrier units
  • Alumina oxides slurry units
  • Engineering for micro-reactors

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Electrical, instrumentation, control (E,I&C) and automation engineering and implementation
  • E,I&C and automation basic-/ detail engineering projects

Gas Technology Facilities

  • Liquid gas systems (i.e. pump station for liquid oxygen)
  • Evaporation and heat exchanger units 
  • Cyclones, hydro-cyclones and separation systems
  • Vacuum systems design and engineering for processing units
  • Exhaust emission control systems
  • Gas collecting and distribution systems
  • Blowdown and flare units