Research & Development

Research & Development

Industry 4.0 and digitization are for ENCOS not theoretical application possibilities, but the clear focus points for a possible practical application. The use of calculation applications developed by our company, as well as the continuous further development of our professional services, are part of our continuous improvement process and the associated corporate focus.

The basis of our innovations are research and development co-operations (R&D) with universities and colleges, especially in Northern Germany. As a result of these challenging projects various by-products are formed, which increase or optimize the time resource efficiency of our engineering team as design and simulation development applications. Additionally, these concepts and methods can have a positive effect on the productivity of our clients' processes.


Our cooperation partners - Universities / Colleges


  • University of Hamburg / Faculty of Numerical Mathematics
  • University of Hamburg / Institute of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry
  • Hamburg University of Technology
  • University of Rostock

Our most important Innovations


THERRI (Thermal fatigue crack growth) - Determination of characteristic values for the evaluation of thermal growth of thermal fatigue cracks in power plants
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MICRO-Fit - Simulation Application for High Performance Reactors with Microstructure. Micro-Fit ist a design application which is currently under development, is expected to make the design of a demand-oriented channel-bundle reactor with microstructure elements for given reaction technology tasks with highly exothermic reaction elements possible.
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DWC Design - Development Platform for Split-Wall Distillation Columns

DWC design is a tool for automatic identification of the optimum control structure for a specific design of a divider column.
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PFR Design - Simulation Application for Tubular Reactors with Two-Phase Flow

PFR design was developed with the aim of simulating stationary axial temperature profiles with high precision for exothermic chemical reactions in tubular reactors with different cooling arrangements.
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