Fracture Mechanics

Fracture mechanical analyses - Fatigue and fracture mechanical evaluation of components

Like, for example:
Evaluations of cracked components,
Damage analyses of broken components,
Damage tolerance analysis (determination of remaining component life, determination of inspection intervals),
Leak-before-break analysis of components subjected to internal pressure

Fracture mechanics

Fracture mechanics deals with the failure of components with cracks or the propagation of cracks within a component under static and dynamic loads up to fracture. In fracture mechanics, a basic distinction is made between three types of crack stressing:

  • stresses that cause the crack flanks to open - for example, a component that oversees tensile or bending loads, at which the crack propagates perpendicular to the normal stress,
  • stresses which cause an opposite displacement of the crack flanks in the direction of crack propagation - e.g. caused by shear loads,
  • stresses which cause a displacement of the crack flanks transversely to the direction of crack propagation. 

A combination of all these stresses together is also possible in reality and is handled in more detail as a mixed-mode stress by the ENCOS engineers. This is because component fatigue is in general not visible in comparison with a fatigue crack which actually is. Its progress development is measurable and can be clearly assigned to the component loads. For the engineering analysis we use various tools and special software.

We have project references in the following application areas:

  • Power plant industry
  • Plant engineering and construction
  • Chemical industry
  • Process industry
  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

What are the benefits of a fracture mechanics analysis?

  • Estimation of remaining component life - thus minimization of unscheduled plant shutdowns
  • Optimization of inspection intervals - Improvement of system availability
  • Process optimization - more efficient use of components
  • To obtain knowledge of possible weak points in certain invisible components - act before something happens!

Ongoing research and development projects

In this context, we participate in research and development projects and the development of guidelines for industrial application. Further information is available on the following pages under the heading - Research and Development.

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