Energy Efficiency Studies

he first question to answer in a project is what the goal of the project is. After answering this, the next question is: what needs to be done to achieve the desired goal in both technically and financially optimum manner. Increasing energy efficiency is no exception.

DMT ENCOS has a long and diversified experience in energy efficiency studies. Thanks to this experience, our experts can identify and quantify potential optimizations that go beyond typical solutions that may address the symptom but not the problem itself, thus maximizing both environmental and financial benefits. To name a few examples:


  • Before implementing a heat integration that seems promising, we first look for ways to optimize the process parameters and thus reduce energy demand in its source, which would also reduce the required size of the heat exchangers needed for the heat integration and thus the investment cost.
  • Besides installing simply a more efficient motor or a variable frequency drive (VFDs) to a pump, one should first check if the pump itself is reasonably sized. Based on our experience, it is not uncommon that by implementing relatively inexpensive downsizing measures to a pumping system, a boost in energy efficiency can be accomplished.


Going beyond the design and implementation of energy efficiency measures, DMT ENCOS can offer consulting services to help maintain and track the energy efficiency of a unit. This is usually done by defining critical key performance indices, KPI in short, which are used to benchmark periodically if the plant operates near the optimum and within targets. Otherwise, if a deviation from the optimum is observed, maintenance/ corrective measures can be taken promptly to reduce financial and environmental impact. Reduced KPIs can be addressed to fouling (typical for heat exchangers), mechanical reasons (e.g. a worn pump impeller), improper operator settings (e.g. due to new or high-loaded personnel), changes in the raw material or product specs etc.

Summing it up, thanks to its experienced staff, methodology used and computational tools available, no matter how complex your process is, DMT ENCOS is the proper partner if you want to achieve the maximum in reducing your energy consumption bills.


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