Renewable Energy Integration

Renewable Energy Integration

Renewable Energy Integration

Over 90% of chemical reaction and separation processes are unsustainable, using heat and electricity from burning fossil fuels contributing heavily to climate change. Replacing the unsustainable use of fossil fuels by integrating renewable energy will significantly reduce the overall CO2 emissions of the industry sector. Therefore, electrification of the industrial processes must be done wherever possible.

Power-to-X (PtX) refers to converting and storing excess renewable electricity into chemical/thermal energy sources and plays a key role in decarbonising the industries with renewable energy. PtX can be divided into (power-to-gas, power-to-heat, and power-to-liquid) by the form of energy. These technologies can produce green hydrogen and e-fuels (methane, methanol), which can be used to replace fossil fuels as an energy source and as a carbon-neutral chemical feedstock.

Process industries do require a large amount of process heat at high temperatures. Accordingly, DMT ENCOS has performed a prior study on the technical comparison of the available Power-to-Heat technologies in the market based on high-temperature thermal energy storage systems.

DMT ENCOS has already conducted several preliminary studies on Power-to-Gas and Power-to-Liquid technologies to develop and create valuable products from waste flue gas and renewable energy. These studies include:


  • Water Electrolysis for hydrogen generation
  • Post and Pre-combustion CO2 capture
  • Reactor design for the heterogeneous catalysis of CO2 hydrogenation to methane and methanol
  • Methanol product purification by distillation
  • Design of the main equipment (columns, heat exchangers and pumps)
  • Techno-Economic feasibility studies on the whole Power-to-methanol chain


DMT ENCOS works across diverse industries, developing projects adapted to the individual requirements and helping our clients to reduce their environmental footprint. As a part of TÜV NORD GROUP, we can also build partnerships between carbondioxide producers, renewable power companies, hydrogen producers and methanol consumers with our reliable network base for the capital projects.


  • Planning and development of Power-to-X (Hydrogen / E-fuels / Heat) Projects
  • Strategic technical consulting for successful sector coupling with storage technologies of renewable energies

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