What does Batch2Conti mean?

Batch operation is an important traditional production process in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Batch reactors are normally equipped with cooling jackets for exothermic reactions. In the case of highly exothermic reactions, the reactor is also operated in a solvent-diluted system. Batch operation consists of a cycle of various discontinuous process steps that are repeated for each product batch. This mode of operation has specific disadvantages:


  • High personnel expenditure due to limited automation
  • Cost disadvantages due to set-up times, rinsing processes during product changes


Continuous operation has been widely used in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Continuous operation is preferred especially for high throughput production without frequent product changes. Its main advantages are:


  • Lower labour costs
  • Time savings due to the elimination of set-up times and rinsing procedures during product changes
  • Greater throughput and better quality control due to stationary production
  • Better temperature control due to increased heat exchange surfaces
  • More possibility for waste heat integration


Typically, the plug flow reactor (PFR) or continuous tubular reactor (CTR) is used in continuous operation. For strong exothermic reactions, microreactors (reactors with internal structure in the micrometre/millimetre range) are increasingly used.
By replacing batch reactor with tubular reactor or microreactor, the advantages of continuous operation can be profited.


Your advantages at a glance
  • Increased throughput
  • Lower personnel costs
  • Improved quality consistency
  • Improved process stability
  • Reduced energy use


Our services at a glance
  • Feasibility study Batch2Conti
  • Process simulation for process conversion
  • Design of the tubular reactor
  • Design of the microreactor in collaboration with cooperation partner (microreactor manufacturer)
  • Basic engineering
  • Detail Engineering
  • Authorities Engineering
  • Civil Engineering

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