Plant Documentation

Digitalization in Industry - Opportunities for Innovative Plant Documentation

What does digitization mean in industry? It means more than automated production. The effects are cross-divisional and will change the entire way products and services are manufactured and provided in the future.

 Will paper archives soon belong to the past? New solutions are more in demand than ever. In our daily working environment, we are subject to constantly increasing requirements and forced to even shorter processing times and access times to technical documents. We create efficient remedies with our solutions in the area of "plant documentation". ENCOS is specialized in the implementation of the most innovative plant documentation and has specified the following topics in more detail.

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Installationsbesiktning av tryckkärl


We are an engineering, procurement, construction management (EPCM) service provider and can now successfully look back on a 30-year history in the planning and design of industrial plants.
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The simulation experts at ENCOS are also concerned, for example, with the question: How can a plant can be optimized during operation with the help of simulation?
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Stress Calculation

Stress calculations of steam boilers, vessels, fittings, equipment and Pipelines.
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Operator Duties

Together with the TÜV NORD companies, ENCOS has specialised in the subject of operator obligation analysis and thus specifically sheds light to possible weak points within your company.
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Research & Development

The basis of our innovations are research and development cooperations (R&D) with universities and colleges, especially in the area of Northern Germany.
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