Inner pressure

Inner pressure / proof of stability for pressure equipment

While the cost-efficient manufacture of pressure-bearing systems and their components is important in plant, apparatus and pipeline construction, operational safety and availability are decisive for the operators of these systems in addition to investment costs. The dimensioning and design of the safety-relevant components have a major influence on this. The optimal design according to the various safety and calculation standards requires a lot of know-how and time.

Inner pressure / proof of stability for pressure equipment

The dimensioning, design calculation and optimization of pressure-bearing components of pressure vessels are among the core competencies in the field of strength. Vessels in this sense can be pressure equipment of all kinds:

  • fired and unfired,
  • Heat exchanger,
  • tank container or
  • Silos.

However, their supporting structures must also be designed numerically. These include, for example, support frames, saddles, feet, support brackets, rings and special constructions. Stability analyses are carried out taking into account various load assumptions such as nozzle loads, wind loads, live loads and, if necessary, earthquakes. For these verification calculations we always use the current national and international regulations.

Our approach

We calculate the fatigue life and exhaustion from creep and alternating stress to determine optimised test intervals for your plant, if necessary.

In close cooperation with the approved inspection agency (TÜV NORD), we draw up the corresponding optimised test plans on the basis of the service life analyses.

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