FEM - Finite-Element-Methods

Finite element method / FEM analysis

We cannot override the physics, but we can simulate it realistically with FEM.

Reasons for an FEM calculation / analysis

Technical requirements are clearly defined. They are predefined economically, technologically or partly from legislator. Plants must be newly planned, built and tested, existing plants should alligned with the requirements of current laws and regulations, maintenance work should be supported analytically and constructively and cases of damage must be eliminated quickly and specifically. Often there is a conflict against the limits of existing regulations, whose analytical calculation approaches cannot be aligned to all possible constructions.

The experienced ENCOS engineers meet these challenges with the support of the proven finite element method (FEM).

Our expertise in the field of Stress calculations - pressure vessels, valves, rotating equipment & piping:

  • Stress analysis
  • Ultimate load capacity analysis
  • Fatigue and fatigue analysis
  • Deformation analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Temperature field analysis

Step 1 - Start of work

After a detailed analysis of the task, we begin with the development of a networkable FEM model. Partly through the preparation of existing 3D CAD models or through the creation of networkable models.

Step 2 - Calculation

Load functions, boundary and storage conditions, linear and non-linear material behavior, limit value and transient analyses, contact problems can be analyzed and failure mechanical evaluations can be made.

Step 3 - Conclusion

At the end of our work, the client receives calculation reports that comply with the regulations and meet the applicable requirements, which contain everything you need for subsequent design testing or technical documentation, including stress analysis, deformation analysis, service life calculations and the output of connection loads.

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