Piping statics

Piping statics - Pipeline system structure analyses

We owe our top position in pipe system structure analysis to our engineers through their competences, experience, modern technology and specialist knowledge.

Good reasons for a piping static calculation:

There are many reasons to carry-out a piping static calculation. It is required for plant and operational safety, for insurance and legal reasons or as a basis for planning and decision-making.

Our services in the field of piping statics / piping dynamics

  • Design of complete pipeline systems including support concepts
  • Calculation with support optimization
  • Detailed analysis including recalculation and detail damage assessment
  • Static and dynamic analysis for various load cases in compliance with national and international regulations and guidelines. Assessment of the resonance behavior of pipelines (dynamic loads from earthquakes, vibrations and oscillations)
  • Stress analysis under consideration of certain load combinations (pressure & temperature)
  • Component design using the finite element method

Step 1 - Start of work

After clarifying the boundary conditions and determining all relevant loads and special features of the pipeline system, we illustrate the complex system for the static calculation in a calculation model.

Step 2 - Calculation

Static loads such as dead weight from pipes, components and the medium itself, internal pressure and additional loads resulting from wind and snow as well as special loads from earthquakes or other static and dynamic loads such as pump switching and temperature shifts on components are taken into account here.

Thermal expansion due to elevated temperature, stress and fatigue analyses can be carried out and, if necessary, enhanced by in-depth analyses, for example using FEM (Finite Element Method). If design changes are necessary, we will of course also work out the corresponding optimization solutions.

Step 3 - Conclusion

Our work is completed by a verifiable calculation report for submission and verification within the scope of a design review. You can benefit from our many years of experience. We are happy to support you.

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