MICRO-Fit - Simulation Application for High Performance Reactors with Microstructure

Microreactors / Micro-reaction Technology

DMT ENCOS and University of Hamburg conduct research on microreactors for fine chemicals

R&D Micro-Reactors - MICRO-Fit

DMT ENCOS and the University of Hamburg initiated a research project for the design of microreactors. Microreactors are extremely small process equipment with internal structures in the micrometer to millimeter range, in which great potential is seen for performing difficult chemical production processes under easily controllable conditions. They are particularly suitable for fine chemicals, which often have to be produced with many different specifications and in comparatively small quantities. The high investment costs for microreactors could pay off in this case.

However, no digital tools for the calculation and design of microreactors are yet available on the international market. DMT ENCOS would like to close this gap in cooperation with the University of Hamburg. DMT ENCOS is a company of TÜV NORD GROUP and an engineering office for process plant planning and is a proven partner for companies in the chemical, petrochemical and mineral oil industries. The Institute of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry (TMC) and the Department of Mathematics are involved on behalf of the University of Hamburg.

The design tool is intended to make it possible to design a microreactor system for a given reaction technology task in an optimal technical and economic manner. For this it is necessary to develop the relevant physico-mathematical model equations in the range of application for channel structures in the micro to millimeter range, to validate them through experiments and finally to realize their implementation in a powerful numerical programming environment.

"The design tool to be created will represent a new efficient way of designing microreactors for the process industry. DMT ENCOS will initially use this system for its own clients in the fine chemicals industry; links to specific projects in this area already exist. It is planned to further develop the tool to market maturity and offer it as a software solution for larger simulation service providers," explains ENCOS project manager Mr. Frank Schlüter.

This project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and is running until 2020.

The Project Team

The project partner at the university of Hamburg: Dr. Werner Pauer, TMC, Prof. Ingenuin Gasser, FB Mathematik, Patrick Thiele, TMC, Prof. Hans-Ulrich Moritz, TMC, Frank Schlüter, ENCOS, Dr. Muhammad Ajmal, ENCOS, Dr. Jan Bolte, FB Mathematik. (not on the picture: Prof. Jens Struckmeier)

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