Operator Obligation Management

Operator Obligation Management

Identify operator obligations and offer solutions -

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Which are the obligations of an operator?

The operators of plants and other buildings have very extensive obligations. The protection of life and wellbeing of the employees, the safety of third parties and the compliance with signed contracts must always be observed and efficiently executed in operation. Frequently, however, an awareness of responsibility only arises in the event of damage and the resulting legal consequences. In order to ensure that all operator obligations are also fulfilled within the company, a large number of guidelines, laws and technical rules must be considered for all work equipment. In the course of time, the legal and technical requirements as well as the complexity of internal company processes increase due to the multiplicity of interfaces. As a company, you could rather quickly lose the overview if no organizing system is implemented. This is the point where, the concept of operator duty management comes into play.


Order with system

The operator duty management creates order in the system and you thus meet all public law and contractual requirements and can prove this beyond a doubt if necessary. The structure and permanent application of an operator duty management ensures the safe operation of properties and facilities and has the following advantages:


  • Securing of your own existence by maintaining the infrastructure,
  • Economic success due to the trouble-free operation of the key processes,
  • Avoidance of sanctions for employees and companies,
  • Public image enhancement.


Minimising liability risks

In the event of an incident, the operator is not presumed neither innocent or guilty, but it is expected that everything possible has been done to avert the damage. It is therefore important to be able to provide technical documentation that is as extensive as possible. These include, for example, "guiding" documents in the form of procedural instructions, operating instructions and risk assessments. These also include "verifying" documents such as organization charts, test reports, training certificates and duty transmission documents.

Creating a system for the management of your operating obligations and inspection deadlines is the way to an individual and personalized concept.


Our claim

In collaboration with experts from multidisciplinary fields:


  • Plant safety, steam and pressure technology
  • as well as electrical engineering


we establish clarity in the area of your documentation and organizational duties. We identify unnecessary measures and reduce your organizational workload. Within the scope of a modular assignment of our services, you have the possibility to make individual adaptations to match your needs and requirements. After all, we do not create completely new things if the quality status is already the appropriate.


Your advantages at a glance
  • Systematic support in the fulfilment of operator obligations
  • Consideration of technical and legal aspects
  • Examination of your facilities (technical units, buildings, areas, people, processes and environment)
  • Greater safety and transparency: internally within the workforce and externally towards the public and the authorities.
  • Reduction of technical and therefore liability risks
  • Modular commissioning at all times possible


Our services at a glance
  • Initial discussion & assessment of the project scope
  • Partly preliminary inspection of existing documents
  • Project execution
  • Final discussion with a prepared series of measures

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