Advanced Process Control

Advanced Process Control

Advanced Process Control

What is Advanced Process Control (APC)?

APC is a model-based predictive control technique that calculates the optimal operating point and controls the process-dependent variables (e.g. conversion and yield) by controlling the process values (e.g. material flows, pressures, temperatures).


The APC controller thus represents an efficient and experienced operator that precisely understands the plant dynamics on the basis of historical data, derives predictions about the plant behaviour from this and thus controls the plant at the optimum operating level.
And it does this 24/7 with uninterrupted attention.


AspenTech is one of the market leaders in the APC industry worldwide. ASPEN APC has the following advantages:


  • Data mining AI machine learning algorithms support a guided automated workflow that previously required a control expert.
  • Drastically reduce the technical effort and time required to create and deploy APC models
  • Creation of models remotely
  • Extension of APC benefits to new industries where APC was previously used only to a limited extent
  • Continuous adaptation of the simulation model on the system side
  • Optimisation of the model and testing during operation
  • Simple operation with self-controlled & intuitive tools with integrated AI


Your advantages at a glance
  • Increased throughput
  • Improved yields
  • Reduced energy use
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved quality consistency
  • Increased operational flexibility
  • Improved process stability
  • Improved reliability & safety
Our services at a glance
  • Qualitative bzw. Quantitative Machbarkeitsstudie zur Implementierung von APC
  • Implementierung von APC
  • Projekt Definition – APC Controller Strategie & Ziele
  • Pre Test - Erstellung eines Seed-Modells
  • Anlagen Step Test
  • Fertigstellung der Modelle und Controller-Konfiguration
  • Controller-Online-Tuning
  • Überprüfung und Aktualisierung bestehendes APC Modells


  • Qualitative feasibility study on the implementation of APC (Sasol Marl)

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