Risk Assessment with focus on the Industrial Safety Regulation

Risk Assessment for Operational Safety Regulation

Conduction and documentation of end-to-end risk assessments.


What is the meaning of Risk Assessment for DMT ENCOS?

Risk assessment is the core element in workplace health and safety and is an essential cornerstone in the fulfilment of operator obligations. It´s the basis for systematic and successful health and safety management. According to the Industrial Safety and Health Regulations (BetrSichV), the Industrial Safety Law (ArbSchG) and the Accident Prevention Regulations "Principles of Prevention" (DGUV Regulation 1), all employers - irrespective of the number of employees - are obliged to carry out an appropriate and legally compliant risk assessment in Germany.

The Occupational Safety and Health Law regulates the employer's obligation to determine and assess hazards and specifies possible causes of hazards and objects for risk assessment. It obligates employers to document the result of the risk assessment, the occupational safety measures defined by them and the outcome of their inspection.

Although the employer may carry out the risk assessment himself or assign it to qualified personnel, e.g. managers, occupational safety specialists or company doctors, the main responsibility for carrying out the risk assessment and implementing the results always remains with the employer himself. Legislation gives those responsible a wide scope for implementing the Occupational Safety and Health Law.

However, it does not specify in detail how the risk assessment is to be carried out; only principles/guidelines are specified. This means that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to carry out a risk assessment methodology. Depending on local conditions, different procedures are to be applied. It is important that you are always aware of the potential hazards, based on the operating technical systems within your company, and recognize where action is needed - before an incident occurs!

Due to the complexity of the issue, we always recommend the involvement of specialists. We can offer this expertise in areas such as operator obligations:


  • explosion protection,
  • risk assessmen,
  • HAZOP/process safety


and will be happy to provide you with support in all your questions regarding compliance with industrial safety. Together we develop a concept customized to your needs and also develop the necessary documentation based on your needs.


Your benefits at a glance:
  • Assessment by trained experts
  • Digital transformation within the framework of plant documentation / risk assessment
  • Development of end-to-end risk assessment
  • Classification of pressure equipment and working equipment subject to testing, including determination of recurring testing periods in accordance with the regulations for operational safety
  • Development of meaningful recommendations to be followed in accordance with the status of the regulations for increasing workplace safety
  • Optional and individual testing for state-of-the-art technology (e.g. systems in hazardous areas, stationary electrical systems, pressure equipment, liquid gas systems, steam and pressure technology, bio-gas systems)
  • Preparation of operating instructions in accordance with the regulations for operational safety

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