360° Transformation of Technical Equipment

A sensible use of Panorama Technology.

Downtime and deconstruction planning can thus be documented very effectively.


Reasons for a 360° visualization

The panorama visualization makes it possible to create virtual visits and make them usable for every user. The user can already interactively look around the area and navigate from room to room. There are simply no limits for the user.

The system runs on simple computer systems, on a tablet or smartphone. In the context of risk assessments, for example, we always create virtual tours to keep an eye on everything, even during project processing.

Have a look at our work and let us explore your location virtually.  


Our strengths
  • Panoramic tours customized to your needs
  • HDR quality
  • Consulting & implementation from a single source


Step 1 - Start of work

After a detailed analysis of the area to be visualized, we begin with the creation of the images. In order to do so, the following questions must be answered:


  • Size of the area to be visualized?
  • Special features like e.g. ex-zones available?
  • Which documents should be available in the panorama tour?
  • Number of points required for a closed tour?  


In close coordination with the company's engineers and after checking the on-site conditions, we also rely on a very rapid implementation, without disrupting the ongoing operation.


Step 2 - Postproduction & Programming

The subsequent postproduction of the HDR recordings and programming of the virtual tour are further tasks during a visualization project. Interim results can be made available and further coordinated at any time. According to your ideas and wishes.


Step 3 - Conclusion

At the end of our work you will receive a web-based panoramic tour with a customized navigation system and technical documentation. All you need to view the data package is an internet-enabled PC, tablet or smartphone.


Your benefits
  • Briefing for the first project
  • Screening of technical equipment and premises
  • Innovative provision of technical documentation
  • Very efficient and in the shortest possible time execution of all Tasks

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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