DMT ENCOS is constantly developing the combination of plant planning and design with Mixed Reality / Augmented Reality technology.

We cannot override reality, but we can make it tangible with AR.


What is the purpose of AR Simulations?

The requirements for plant planning are becoming increasingly complex and extensive in the field of engineering projects. DMT ENCOS's experienced engineers meet these challenges, among other things, with the support of AR technology. Technical drawings and 3D models that are displayed on the screen or on the construction paper require a high degree of abstraction and imagination from the project team and client.

Complex technical and geometric contexts often cannot be understood by all participants in the desired speed and a sense of space is thus denied for individual viewers. With the help of the Augmented Reality 3D model a project can be made accessible in a whole new way. Thus we use the AR as a technical tool in planning and design within the scope of our plant planning and also within the scope of safety considerations for very complex process engineering plants.

Let’s create your technical systems as a virtual experience.


Our assets

Innovative and efficient plant planning:


  • High degree of quality
  • Many years of experience with complex process engineering plants  


Step 1 - Start of work

After a detailed analysis of the task, we start the creation of a AR-3D model, either on the basis of existing CAD models or laser scans already carried out.


Step 2 - Programming

Different functions can be used and taken into account. We coordinate this individually with you and integrate the desired functions in the VR in order to make this virtual experience useable.  

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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