Years of experience in the field of Energy Audit DIN 16247

Energy Audits in Process Industry

How is an Energy Audit conducted?

Based on the analysis of the actual energy state and taking into account the operating conditions, you will develop specific ideas for improving energy efficiency within your technical processes and plants together with the DMT ENCOS energy efficiency experts.

Within the energy audit process, you will receive impartial optimization proposals including a profitability analysis for a sustainable increase in efficiency as well as a detailed final report. In addition, we can also assist you with the plant planning itself and the implementation of technical optimization measures.


What is the procedure for the Energy Audit?
  • Preliminary contact - Define objectives, requirements and expectations regarding the energy audit precisely
  • Determination of scope and system boundaries - Which locations or plants are to be analysed in detail?
  • Kick-off meeting - Compliance with the information level in the company
  • Data acquisition of individual or all energy processes in the entire company
  • Macro or micro analysis incl. a detailed evaluation
  • Final Report


Does the obligation to carry out a recurring Energy Audit in accordance with the Energy Services Act affect me as a company?

With the implementation of the European Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU by the Energy Services Act (EDL-G), which is currently in force, recurring energy audits become mandatory for all companies that do not fall under the SME regulation (small and medium-sized enterprises) according to the EU definition 2003/361/EC. Many companies are affected by the scheme.

In the first category of companies obligated to conduct recurring audits are companies with more than 250 employees and annual sales of more than EUR 50 million or an annual balance sheet total of at least EUR 43 million. Particular attention should be paid to corporate interrelationships. As a result, many seemingly small and medium-sized companies are also required to carry out recurring energy audits in accordance with the new regulation because they belong to Group companies.

This applies to all industries, e.g. also trading companies, banks, insurance companies, hotels, house building companies or hospital facilities. The energy audit also creates a precondition for companies to continue to benefit from the tax relief under e.g. § 10 StromStG (Spitzenausgleich-Effizienzsystemverordnung) and thus meet the mandatory requirements for non-SMEs under the applicable Energy Services Act (EDL-G), while systematically reducing energy costs.


Benefits for you

The DMT ENCOS energy efficiency experts support you in the preparation and practical implementation of the energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1.


  • A fixed contact person
  • Preparation of your data for the energy audit
  • Execution by qualified and certified energy auditors according to EDL-G
  • Final report possible in both English or German

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