Chemical Process Engineering

DMT ENCOS Chemical Process Engineering

Chemical process engineering is a multidisciplinary field that requires our engineers to understand and evaluate chemical processes from the most fundamental to the key data of industrial processes.


What does DMT ENCOS do in the area of Chemical Process Engineering?

DMT ENCOS supports its customers from the early stages of process development. Our well-founded competence in the field of chemical reaction technology enables us to design suitable reactor concepts in order to reliably transfer them to production scale. DMT ENCOS has extensive expertise in:


  • Fixed-bed reactors for catalytic hydrogenations
  • Tubular reactors for addition reactions with Olefins
  • Batch reactors for ethylation reactions
  • Microstructure reactors with technical suitability for ethoxylation reactions


When designing reactors, we rely on our know-how in programming and the resulting self-developed solutions. We attach particular importance to the precise modelling of the relevant chemical and physical processes, including:


  • Kinetics of chemical reactions
  • Heat transfer and temperature profile control
  • Hydrodynamic system behaviour
  • Consideration of dispersion effects


Our aim is to design reactor concepts that guarantee maximum selectivity and turnover, with maximum control and operational safety.

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