Pipe Classes

Pipe Classes

Pipe classes form an elementary basis for pipeline planning in terms of process technology and design. A pipe class contains the definition of all pipeline components grouped according to nominal widths, which may be used for a certain group of media according to the specified pressure rating.

A pipeline consists basically of components of a certain pipe class. Ideally, these components are proven to have the correct strength in terms of pressure and temperature in accordance with the pressure rating. Thus, the permissible operational scope is clearly defined.

What services does ENCOS offer in this area?

ENCOS supports you in the creation and selection of product and application-related pipe classes with all relevant aspects such as for example:

  • Selection of the base material for pipe lengths and fittings
  • Selection of flanges according to DIN or ASME
  • Determination of the sealing surface (flat, tongue and groove, RTJ)
  • Selection of seals under pressure and TA-Luft aspects
  • Selection of valves according to type, material, TA-Luft and DVGW suitability
  • Strength calculations for wall thickness design
  • Strength verification for the pipe class as a whole

In this regard, we combine our process engineering competences with those of pipeline planning and strength calculation with an interdisciplinary approach.

 In which areas pipe classes are used particulary?

  • High pressure applications in hydrogenation plants
  • High temperature applications for synthesis gas
  • Technical applications with sour gas
  • Technical applications for deionized water
  • Technical applications for oxidizing acids

In addition to documentation in component descriptions, pipe classes can also be supplied on request and be prepared with database-driven pipeline planning applications (tools). Tell us about your specific requirements. We will be happy to create a pipe class customized to your requirements with all the necessary calculation verifications.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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